Technical Notes 9/2015

PSA Director is a responsive website built with the latest technology to make for the most pleasant and fastest user experience. Older operating systems and browsers may not support several of these newer features. Please try and upgrade or switch your browsers, see below. For support, contact

Browsers, in order of preference:

If Windows XP: GoogleChrome®, Mozilla Firefox®.
If Windows 7: GoogleChrome®, Mozilla Firefox®, IE10, IE9.
If Windows® 8, 10: GoogleChrome®, Mozilla Firefox®, IE10.
If MacOSX: GoogleChrome®, Safari.


PSADirector will not work with IE8
Downloading multiple files at once will not work with GoogleChrome®.

Downloading Multiple Files at Once:

You are able to place several files into a folder, and download the complete folder at once. However, Oracle® Java is needed. As of 9/2015, this is not supported by Chrome, but is supported by Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. If you on a Windows machine and receive an error that Java is not installed, most likely you are not allowed to install Java or plugins because of high internet security settings (Solution: reduce your internet security settings). If you are on a MAC, most likely you are using an older version of MacOS that does not encourage the use of JAVA (Solution: upgrade your MacOS).

Downloading Multiple Files, Using FTP, Server to Server:

This is the fastest method. You will need to set up your connection, we suggest you contact your IT manager to do this. To set up, go to: "MANAGE" > Profiles" > "FTP Server". Credentials needed include: "Profile Name", "Server Address", "Username", "Password", and "Custom Directory (if any)".

Internet Connection:

Dial up or DSL is not recommended.


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