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Effective as of January 29, 2014.

The domain name is registered to:

PlowShare Group Inc.
One Dock Street
Stamford, CT 06902

PlowShare Group Inc. operates this Website (“PlowShare” or “We” / “US” / “Our”).

Our Privacy Policy is part of Our Terms and Conditions of Use and Service (“T&Cs”), and is incorporated therein by reference.  It is, therefore, part of Your agreement when You use (“” or “Website”).  Capitalized terms used in this Privacy Policy have the same meaning as set forth in the T&Cs, except that when the word “Your” of “Your” is used in this Privacy Policy it also includes both the Station and the individual person who is over 18 years of age who uses the Website upon registration.

Please read Our Privacy Policy carefully.  It describes the types of information We collect from site visitors, how We collect it, and how We use it, and the circumstances in which We disclose or share information. It also describes how You can access, update or delete certain information We have collected about You.

  1. Cookies and Tracking Technology
    • We will use cookies.  A "cookie" is a piece of data stored on the hard drive of a computer You use and contains non-personally identifiable information.  Cookies enable a Website to recognize a user’s computer or access device each time it is used to visit Our Website.  Cookies can keep count of how often You return to the Website, and track how You use it, Your preferences for features and functions of the Website.  They also store information including Your user name and password. You can disable cookies but it will affect Your ability to use the Website functions.
    • When You visit We and Our service providers who host will use cookies and other data collection technologies to recognize, collect and/or transmit information about Your visits to this Website.  We will use the term “Tracking Technology” to refer generically and collectively to all these technologies. This information will be used to administer, analyze data collected, and track Your movements on it the Website.
    • Some of the data requested and collected, e.g., registration data, will include personally identifiable information about You.
  2. Registration Data We Will Collect
    1. No one under 18 may submit any personally identifiable information or register to use
    2. The Website requires registration in order to set up a Account and to use the Website functions.  Only Authorized Users may register and set up an Account.  To register We request You to supply the following information:  first name, last name, a display name (also known as a user name), Your email address, a password, the main Station call letters, the Station’s network affiliation, all affiliated Station/sister Station call letters, and primary address of the Station (including city, state, Zip Code) and Station phone number. We may also request that you provide the corporate name of the station owner. This site is not intended for and does not target anyone under 18.
    3. In order to log in to the Website You will have to type your display name and password. 
    4. You may also email us with a question or for more information and We will collect such information.  Your contact information will help Us respond and may be used by PlowShare internally for internal purposes.
  3. Other Information We Will Track and Collect
    1. We will be able to track and collect data relative to Your use of all functions of the Website.  For example, You will be able to use the Website to import PSAs received by the Station from various (although limited) sources.  Once uploaded: we will track those files; we will keep a running tally of the number of files You upload to the Website, regardless of protocol used to upload, the number of times You log in, the date and time of log in and duration of Website use, and the number of files You manage; and we will track Your analyses performed through the Website.
    2. The Tracking Technologies will collect information including the date and time of your visit, your login/authentication information.  They will track Your navigation throughout the Website, and data relating to Your activities on Our Website and other technological attributes about Your visits to
    3. The Website will be automatically loaded by PlowShare from time to time with PSAs produced for PlowShare clients.  We will identify the PSAs you manage, including the PSAs produced by PlowShare and other parties.
    4. We will also supply You with electronic business reply cards (“eBRCs) requesting You to use the eBRC for each PSA uploaded by You or loaded automatically by PlowShare. The data requested will cover the number of times per day, per week, and per month the Station will probably broadcast the applicable PSA, and the total number of months the Station will probably broadcast that PSA.
    5. We may use Tracking Technology in other ways, and We will amend this Privacy Policy in the event of such changes.
  4. How We Will Use Data Collected.
    1. Data supplied by You and/or collected by Tracking Technology will be used by PlowShare for PlowShare internal business purposes (including client services), to enable Us to analyze Station use of PSAs in general and one or more specific PSAs, and to ensure compliance with the T&Cs.
    2. Data supplied by You and/or collected by Tracking Technology as to PSAs produced by PlowShare will be reported only to the applicable PlowShare client for whom such PSAs were produced by PlowShare.  These data may include, among other things, data in connection with the use of a PlowShare client’s PSA relative to the use of other PSAs uploaded by You and other stations to the Website, including those produced by or for PlowShare and those produced by other parties.  Data collected by Us will not be shared with non-PlowShare clients.    
    3. Except as provided in this Privacy Policy with respect to personally identifiable information, data collected will be retained by PlowShare according to PlowShare’s sole determination as to the data’s usefulness and need.  
    4. We may send emails to You to check the accuracy of information You provide, to request additional information about affiliated or sister stations and their PSA use, or provide You with notices. You can Opt Out (unsubscribe) of our email lists via hyperlinks in our email messages. You may also email us with a question or for more information and We will use Your contact information and the content of Your email to help Us respond and for PlowShare client services purposes.
    5. We will not share your personally identifiable information with any third party unless:
      1. We are required to do so by law, regulation, or a court or government agency order or other legal process;
      2. We believe or have reason to believe You have or may violate any law, regulation, or the T&Cs;
      3. We believe or have reason to believe Your use of  the Website use is or may be a threat to the safety, property, interests or rights of Us or others; and
      4. In order to investigate, respond to or resolve problems or inquiries or defend Our rights and interests.
  5. Tracking Improper Use

    We will track use of the Website in connection with any content other than PSAs.  Any such use of the Website is strictly prohibited by the T&Cs.   

  6. Modification or Deletion of Personally Identifiable Data and Privacy Policy Questions
    1. Once you register you can change your Account Settings using the menu options and clicking on Account Settings.
    2. To modify or request that we delete any personally identifiable information, please contact us by mail or email as follows:

      By Email:

    3. The Subject line of the email must state “ PII change”.
    4. By First Class Mail:

      PlowShare Group Inc.
      One Dock Street
      Stamford, CT 06902
      Attention:  Fernando J. Alva Miras /PII Change Notification

    5. Your request to modify or delete Your personally identifiable information will be accommodated within five (5) business days.
    6. We will not accept requests via phone or fax, and We are not responsible for requests that are not labeled or sent properly, or that lack complete information.
    7. If you have a question about Our Privacy Policy, please contact Us by email to  The Subject line of that email must state, “ Privacy Policy question”.
  7. Information Security
    1. PlowShare will use reasonable security measures to safeguard information concerning and submitted by Authorized Users who have set up Accounts. However, We will not encrypt information submitted or collected.
    2. We will also try to limit information access to individuals who need to have such access to perform their responsibilities.  Please be aware, however, that despite the security measures employed by PlowShare and its hosting service, it is impossible to guarantee absolute security with respect to information sent through the Internet. 
  8. Changes to the Privacy Policy

    We may change this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice (see also T&Cs). Please come back to review our Privacy Policy to be sure you are aware of changes that may apply to You.  Your continued use of this Website shall constitute Your acceptance to each modification.

PlowShare Group Inc.
One Dock Street
Stamford, CT 06902



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